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Fabz folding ballet flats

Grab fabz when you’re flat out! Brilliant designs bring you style and comfort on-the-go.
They start in a pouch and unfold as a light pair of fashionable leather flats with durable rubber soles.
Fabz folding shoes fit in every handbag and there are styles for every occasion.
Practical comfort. Personal style. Perfect anywhere!

Carry comfort and style wherever you go!

  • Fabz in your bag – running around with ease
  • After a night out – bye bye high heels!
  • Fabz in your holiday gear – ideal style solution
  • In the car – great for driving
  • Fabz in your carry-on – perfect for planes
  • In your gymbag – light, compact and still feminine
  • Fabz in your briefcase – catch that train!
  • Ideal for shopping trips – trying on clothes with ease

Or wear your Fabz all day and every day... Just because you can!